Hike Gallery – 2013-08-28 Devils Tower

Here are the photos from our hike at Devils Tower.

We departed on foot from the Belle Fourche Campground at Devils Tower for a ‘double-loop’ hike along the Valley View/Red Beds/Tower/Red Beds/South Side Trails.  Basically the idea was to do half of the outer loop, the inner loop, and then back to the campground along the outer loop.  Absolutely spectacular morning.

20130828 IMG 1608

20130828 IMG 1609

20130828 IMG 5820

The first bit of the hike went through a prairie dog town

20130828 IMG 5827

You know it was early by the long shadows 🙂

20130828 IMG 5831

Parts of the trail had some pretty tall grass.  I guess the long hikes aren’t so popular.

20130828 IMG 5833

View of the river and the “red beds”

20130828 IMG 5836

20130828 IMG 5835

20130828 IMG 5839

So the question is, how many pictures do you want of the different angles & sides of the same monolith?

20130828 IMG 5847

20130828 IMG 5852

20130828 IMG 5856

20130828 IMG 5857

Sent one of these photos to our friend Neal back home to share with his son Nathan who just loves running around and squishing dandelion puffs.  These ones were several inches across.

20130828 IMG 1612


20130828 IMG 5861

20130828 IMG 5863

20130828 IMG 5870

20130828 IMG 5871

Back in town 🙂

20130828 IMG 5874

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